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Happy Earth day 2023!

Being the day we think about the issues that affect our planet it could be a pretty depressing day.... unless we look back on the positives from the last year , and think up ways we can do better in the coming year .

Here's how we've been going..

Maybe think on what's been your best contribution and celebrate that too! We would love to hear about your successes too!


Here are some ideas to inspire you this year.

Support Our Pollinators! ...

We have started growing tomatilloes, about 500 plants to be exact! They attracted a lot more bees as usually the plants we have arnt in flower!

Clean Up Plastic in Your Neighborhood or Local park or beach..

This year we took time out to support the alt Ed department students ar Taipa school to do a beach clean up , 11 black bags later , a difference had been made!

Plant a tree...

We've helped over a thousand new trees get in the ground at a multitude of homes, lifestyle blocks and orchards this year.

Reduce , reuse and recycle in the garden...

We made the commitment to reuse 2nd hand pots for multi year plants and trees. The pots don't look as flash , but we diverted 3000 plastic pots from another plant company from the landfil.

Stop pesticide use in the garden...

We've committed to use organic solutions where ever possible, so much so that we tdialled and developed a new product! The banana pup eliminator , an organic solution to the industry practice of using a bit of diesel.

In out green houses , we also use hydrogen peroxide for pests, which breaks down into water and oxygen. No nasty chemicals left on the plants!

Conserve water ...

What's coming up for us?

We only use sky juice on our plants , so probably another 30,000 liter tank to get us through the summers!

Seems odd to ralk about water now.. but over winter we get so much water!

Dreams become reality when people choose to make their visions come true.

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